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To learn more about Traction and Stability Control and Dedicated Wiring Looms DOWNLOAD the full pdf file (4.2Mb).

Dedicated Wiring Looms.

dedicated wirng loomDedicated Wiring Looms, sometimes known as 'VEHICLE SPECIFIC WIRING' or 'PLUG IN KITS', are becoming ever more popular for towbar lighting wiring (12N) installation.

Put simply, this is the way the job SHOULD BE DONE, because each kit is designed SPECIFICALLY for the vehicle it is fitted to and, rather than soldering or using 'Scotch Locks' to connect the towbar wiring, these kits interface with the vehicle systems in the same way the manufacturer intended.

Some manufacturers and insurance companies are now INSISTING that these wiring looms are ALWAYS fitted. FORD, in particular, has become very strict with warranty claims on it's latest generation vehicles.

On some vehicles, such as the BMWX5 and LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3, it is actually UNSAFE to fit universal wiring, DUE TO THE WAY THE VEHICLES' STABILITY CONTROL WORKS .

The complex nature of dedicated wiring means that it is inevitably more expensive than universal wiring. This cost is anywhere between 25 and 240 or more, depending on the vehicle. The extra cost is justified however, because the wiring is installed as the vehicle manufacturer intended it to be fitted, it means that your warranty won't be affected, which of course could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Because the wiring is designed to work with the vehicles onboard systems, certain functions on the vehicle are activated that would otherwise not work with universal electrics. Some of these features are vital safety features such as TRAILER STABILITY CONTROL, and other convenience features such as the cut off of your fog light and parking aids while towing.

Some vehicles need to be 'coded' or programmed to activate the extra functions provided by the wiring loom, especially in the case of T-Esp (Trailer Stability Control) on VW Audi group vehicles. We have invested in the equipment needed to do this programming for you at the time that the towbar is fitted meaning that you don't need to pay extra for your dealer to do it later.

Trailer Stability Control (ESP).

Nearly all new vehicles are wired using a system called MULTIPLEX or CAN-BUS. This enables the manufacturers to control systems such as traction and stability control on the vehicle.

A new car fitted without 'anti-lock brakes' is simply unheard of, but what most people don't realise is that these safety features now extend beyond just the brakes of the car. On new vehicles fitted with TRACTION CONTROL or STABILITY CONTROL, the system can also help prevent a trailer or caravan from becoming out of control.

When fitting a towbar using aftermarket electrics these safety systems are effectively bypassed and will not work. The only way to enable these features is to fit what is known as a DEDICATED WIRING LOOM.

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